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The UK 2021 Chamber of Commerce Business Awards To Launch In August

The Chamber Business Awards for 2021 is to launch on 1 August. The ceremony is seen as one of the most prestigious business awards in the UK. Year on year, hundreds of high-level and high-performing businesses are entered under numerous and specialized categories that include: –
The Game ChangerThe Global PlayerThe Planet SaverThe Problem SolverThe Equality TrailblazerThe Chamber Business Awards (also known as the Chamber’s Most Effective Business Charity) recognize businesses that demonstrate leadership in the community. This honor comes from the many consumers that elect to patronize a small business over a larger corporation because of its more progressive values and commitment to social responsibility. Learn about some of the categories this year:

Share of the Market share – this award goes to the business with the highest percentage of sales that come from local consumers in the community. The award is given out annually and the retailer or manufacturer must convince a consumer that their products are more local than the competition when it comes to price, quality, service, or location. This is one of the more difficult categories to win because it can be very tough to find a company in a highly competitive market segment. The best way to go about winning this award is to make sure that you have the perfect mix of retail, wholesale, and distribution.

Customer Service Award – this honor goes to a business that demonstrates the commitment to exceeding customer expectations in a variety of ways. This category is fairly simple to define, but the criteria are not easy to quantify. When you look at a business, what do you generally find? A commitment to providing personalized customer service, an emphasis on social aspects of business, a focus on environmental responsibility, a focus on employee participation, or a combination of any of these?

Outstanding Sales Performance – this award goes to a business that consistently sells well and has strong customer service. It also recognizes a business that generates strong revenue growth and creates a large market share for the category. Some categories are based on a minimum sales volume requirement, while others require yearly sales growth in order to be eligible. Some of the categories to consider this year are: New Business, Sustaining Growth, and Growing Opportunity.

Most Competitive Category – the Chamber has established six categories that provide the business owner with the opportunity to choose between six different categories. The winner in each of these six categories receives an award of excellence. This includes categories that focus on specific industries and regions. Some examples include: Service Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Chemical Industry, Energy Industry, and Automotive Industry. Any business that falls into one of these categories will have a good chance of being nominated for an industry award.

There are many other business awards programs that can be considered for your business. However, when you look at your Chamber’s list of business award winners, you will find a select few that are recognized as industry leaders. Your business needs to work hard to join these companies and become recognized as an expert. Your success begins with your ability to come up with a list of experts in your industry. Make sure that you work with a seasoned award consultant to make sure that your list is complete and that you are able to identify the best businesses in your industry. A great consultant can help you make a long-term positive impact on your business, by presenting your company and business awards in a way that helps bring recognition to your company while also working with you to enhance your marketing efforts.

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