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About Us

CT911 News is an online press release publishing website and business that was established recently in 2021. We acquired the domain “Complete911Timeline.org” for its association and the terrible attack that took place in New York with the Twin Tower terrorist attack of 11th September 2001. The news that rocked the world showed the world how powerful news was. The whole world craved the news at that time and consumed hours of media footage and press release news coverage where the news was THE focus of the world



For different reasons, we see news as key in the world today for business. The terror attack of the 9 – 11 Twin Towers and the media coverage showed exactly how powerful the news media was. This same coverage is available for business. Now although the craving for information is not the same at all for business, when compared to the New York attack. The business news still provides business with the opportunity to be seen and noticed in a world where it is hard to get noticed amongst all the noise.

CT911 News