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Programmatic Advertising Agency Offers Powerful Marketing For Texas Businesses

There is stiff competition across the nation for marketing. However, Texas based marketing specialist Ranwell Productions has broken into the market to provide businesses with a powerful form of marketing that is trending across the states right now. The marketing method is called Programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising is the new and improved way to reach out to audiences via digital methods including the internet, app, digital billboard, TV and even radio. Programmatic advertising works by collecting consumer data based on browsing and purchasing habits to create customer segmentation. This means that businesses can see what their target audience usually browses online or when they’re likely to view a digital billboard based on their travel habits.

Knowing a little more about the customer base can really help to reach out to the right people, securing a higher engagement and conversion rate.

Ranwell Productions is a brand-new agency in Texas that aims to help local companies to reach the right audience globally. Even smaller businesses can now reach out to wider audiences using this largely automated process without spending a ton of money from the marketing budget.

Randy Sewell, the agency’s head, is passionate about the programmatic advertising method; “programmatic advertising allows companies to reach their specific audience much faster than traditional methods, removing the need for purchasing negotiations and complex research. Businesses can also guarantee a larger return on investment as it requires less resource for a greater return.”

Programmatic advertising works by collecting user data and displaying this on a supply-side platform. The seller of ad space can upload the data regarding previous traffic to the space so buyers can determine the most beneficial spot for them.

The business looking to buy ad space can then search for a specific target demographic and understand how they use the internet, which TV shows they watch and their daily routine. This allows them to select the best possible ad space to capture the most relevant audience. Potential buyers can even set up alerts to let them know when a relevant space becomes available.

Once they have their heart set on advertising space, a real-time bidding platform allows them to bid on their chosen spot against competitors.

“The programmatic advertising space allows buyers to bid against each other to secure the best spot for them. This means that businesses with a smaller marketing budget still have the opportunity to secure a spot without going over budget. If it’s too pricey, they can simply pull out. This is the fairest possible way of advertising space,” says Mr. Sewell.

Programmatic advertising uses accurate data to predict engagement with an advertisement, meaning that businesses can feel more secure in their investments than with traditional advertising, which had no guarantees and takes a more scattered approach, hitting irrelevant parties.

This method also helps out the seller of space as they don’t need to negotiate on pricing, but still make money on the most valuable spaces based on competing businesses.

Programmatic advertising in Texas will help you move to the next step on the success ladder. For more information about how Ranwell Productions could help you, visit their website or get in touch today.


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