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New Company Creates Affordable Way to Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

New Company Creates Affordable Way to Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

Screenmobile of NorthShore is a leading screen and awning dealer and installer based in Chicago. Their new motorized outdoor screens create a cool outdoor space during the summer, or a little extra shelter for outdoor events in a winter climate.

Alfonso Patlan, the owner of Screenmobile NorthShore, talks about how the new and improved technology has vastly improved the choice and quality of outdoor household awnings. “We now have the ability to produce them in multiple designs, colors, and materials to suit any home improvement project. They can even increase house value.” Mr Patlan went on to say, “we have an extensive range of products, including patio screens, window screens and even garage screens. These products can make a big difference in cooling your home and reducing energy bills”

The company has a wealth of experience in the field, having more than 40 years’ practice in developing quality products across 110 locations worldwide.

Mr. Patlan states, “it’s the installation that finishes off the quality look and feel. We specialize in home delivery and full installation of window screens, screen doors, porch enclosures and other sun control products.”

The specialty screens, awnings and porch enclosures not only look amazing, but they provide effective coverage on sunny days or shelter in the winter to extend your living space for entertaining. They are also incredibly practical for reducing air conditioning bills, providing an extra option of safeguarding against burglars, and allowing you to be flexible with your leisure space. They are also one of the most effective ways of keeping insects out of your home without unsightly bug catchers.

“The retractable nature of the products provides an optional extra when you’re entertaining, increased privacy for your yard space and they are also great for reducing your energy costs. The extra coverage over your doorways will keep in the heat in the winter, or maintain the cooler airspace in the summer,” Mr. Patlan maintains it’s the most practical and stylish way to save a little money, increase the ventilation for your home and improve the overall appearance of your home. The motorized options also allow for flexibility and fast changes based on weather conditions without any extra effort.

Screenmobile of NorthShore is passionate about making, delivering, and installing quality products that will stand the test of time. Their friendly customer service team will discuss your options and provide innovative design suggestions that perfectly suit your home and are there to help with aftercare to ensure your motorized awnings or screens work perfectly and look exactly how you imagined.

For more information to help improve your outdoor space, visit the Screenmobile NorthShore website to speak to an expert.

Screenmobile of North Shore Chicago

Address: 13546 Rockland Road, Lake Bluff, IL 60044

Telephone: (847) 946-4800

Website: https://www.screenmobile.com/north-shore-chicago/

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