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Mike Landola's Debut Summer Hit Hits Hard (Watch The Video!)

Los Angeles, California Apr 13, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – What on Earth is Mike Landola?

The stylish tailor-made pink suit, genuine Wayfarer sunglasses, uniquely corny dance moves, and an incredible swing. The question arises, what is the question?

Pink show-man – the new king of pop?

It’s Mike Landola – hailing from Finland – a showman like no other. The dress style and unique body language, filed to the extremes, are comparable to, for example, the King of Pop, Mr. Jackson. Weirdness is neither an obstacle nor a slowdown for Landola. Rumor has it that the man’s body is tattooed with that mystical letter combination “DILLIGAF”. (Those who have fallen off the carts can easily find out by browsing the web.)

Magical tension in the songs

Songwriter-producer and folk mate Mike Landola is able to internalize the tension in his lyrics with the professionalism of a lyrical electrician, which together with the universal swing discharges between the listener’s ears, creating a charge that doesn’t end when the man leaves the building. As a fan of Landola, you will come back to his hits over and over again.

Landola arrives in the limelight. Incredible chaos is immediately created on the dance floor! The audience laughs, sings, dances, and falls in love!


A pop interpretation reminiscent of Mike’s rap-singing and a laid-back background beat combined with harmonious guitar and keyboard melodies creates an ethereal atmosphere on the floor. An atmosphere where worries are forgotten, debts become receivables and the audience focuses only on the essential, relaxed chilling, and perhaps a cold beer.

Specializing in summer hits

Because Landola represents the wealthier side of the entertainment world, he publishes new material only when and when it is needed – usually when the level of Finnish music circles drops too low. In practice, this allows Landola to focus on single releases that only appear once a year, compressed into the shape of summer hit.

Landola’s music works on land, sea, and air. The music video for the fresh summer single “Olo Levoton”, which has only been out for a few days, has received an enthusiastic reception.

The record company will release the single on Spotify and other streaming services within weeks. In the meantime, visit Youtube or read more about Landola on the star’s website. Links below.

Additional information

Summer hit:


Website: https://mikelandola.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikelandola

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/landolamike/

Mike Landola / Voodoo Entertainment

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