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BTRIPS announces Listing on Indodax and the collaboration of Mintpang with Chris Brown

BTRIPS is a Smart Commerce-based blockchain platform that enables suppliers and sellers to transact with various systems. BTRIPS announces the Listing on Indodax and the Collaboration with Mintpang and Chris Brown to create the world’s first Decentralized NFT Music Copyright

BTRIPS is a smart commerce platform based on the blockchain that promises to give users a global commerce environment within the ecosystem. Aside from an online environment, the platform offers consumers non-contact ordering, booking, and offline payment options. Furthermore, BTRIPS offers its suppliers and seller’s options such as reward programs, subscription models, event coupons, discounts, and a range of service models.

The platform creates new values by facilitating global business and addressing the issues that clients confront due to geographical restrictions. This crypto-currency-based payment feature enables customers to experience convenience and transparency.

BTRIPS is investing a significant amount of time and money in establishing an NFT platform that will allow them to enter the NFT industry. This NFT marketplace will not just feature high-end luxury goods but also showcase products with great demand and exclusivity. Furthermore, the marketplace allows users to purchase and sell products with and without internet connectivity. It offers a safe and verified transactional process that includes identity authentication and reliability evaluation through blockchain technology.

With this marketplace development, BTRIPS plans to offer small and medium-sized businesses an opportunity to participate in the process of value consumption easily. Also, the platform is bringing an on-chain hybrid marketplace that eliminates barriers and allows users to have access and participate in the NFT more conveniently.

Apart from luxury goods and collectibles, BTRIPS is pleased to announce a partnership with Mintpang to establish NFT for music. Users will be able to listen to the music of famed R&B performer Chris Brown due to this development. Tory Lanez, a well-known R&B performer, joins Chris Brown in this NFT for music. BTRIPS will collaborate with Mintpang to create a new NFT initiative for KPOP, in addition to luxury products and music, using blockchain technology.

Users willing to whitelist the application to join the NFT can click on this link.

BTRIPS provides its platform users with Smart Order services. Users will purchase, pay for, and receive product and service delivery in an offline environment using this service. Also, they will have access to a range of buying methods and the ability to pay for their purchases using a straightforward payment mechanism, which will include market choices and cryptocurrency.
Small businesses worldwide will benefit from the platform, which aims to provide an alternative and make payment and trading more straightforward. Its smart commerce and payment methods allow users to trade from anywhere in the world, even in areas where the payment system isn’t well-developed.

BTRIPS is also pleased to announce the listing of BTR tokens on Indodax. Indodax is Indonesia’s first and largest cryptocurrency exchange.

BTRIPS is a well-designed NFT collectibles and luxury goods marketplace platform. Users can trade products using NFT on the platform, including an auction, sales, and lucky draw functions. This platform’s primary goal is to deliver a Smart Commerce-based blockchain platform with socially relevant services and exposure to tools for combined sales and marketing enhancements for both sellers and suppliers.

For more information, users can visit the official website here.

Contact Info:
Name: Reza Yuriputra
Email: Send Email
Organization: PT. BTRIPS Indonesia Digital
Phone: +62 811 834 343
Website: https://www.btrips.io/

Release ID: 89066905


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